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Dec 01, 2014· It was so a Hollis. It was sitting at the Health and Safety Laboratory Buxton Derby SK19 9JN ring them telephone number +44 1298 218000 SNIP • The rebreather had been put together such that the gas would not circulate in the required loop and CO2 would not be removed from the inhaled gas.

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The Hollis gaseous CO2 sensor is a vital element of the Explorer CO2 filter monitoring system. Capable of detecting high workloads, problems with the absorbent or even CO2 seal damage, when used properly, it will add another …

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Jan 20, 2018· Due to work requirements and moving I''m selling my hollis explorer rebreather bought new in 2015. It has about 40 dives on it and includes: 2 cylinders 2 scrubber canisters Co2 monitor USB connector Lots of spare dust filters, disinfectant, lube etc. Will need new O2 sensors as current ones are expired. Asking 1100 shipped to Alaska or the ...

Hollis Explorer Carbon Dioxide Co2 Sensor Unit

Details. Replacement Carbon Dioxide Co2 Sensor for Hollis Explorer Rebreather. Fits both the MK1 and MK2 Hollis Explorer. The MK2 normally comes with the Co2 sensor, it was an optional extra on the MK1. Really worth having, makes the unit safer and speeds up the pre dive checks as you only need a 1 min prebreath.

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Oct 30, 2014· Hollis Explorer Rebreather Training October 30th, 2014 With rebreathers becoming more and more common around the world I decided to do my first user course for the Hollis Explorer Rebreather. The Explorer is a SemiClosed Rebreather which only uses a small cylinder of Nitrox (3240% O2) instead of two cylinders; one diluent and one pure O2.

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Oct 18, 2014· Reaction score. 4. Location. Tampa, Fl. Oct 7, 2014. 14. The net result of adding offboard gas, be it O2 or Nitrox, is to fool the unit into thinking you have not created as much CO2. The unit assumes that the O2 in the onboard tank is what you have available for metabolism.

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Secondly, what makes the Hollis explorer rebreather special is that it is a hybrid system unlike no other before it. Its uses a single, gas enriched air nitrox, (normally rebreathers use two). The depth limit (depending on the MOD of the gas) is 40 meters. The Explorer is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive ...

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Hollis Explorer Rebreather CANISTER ASSEMBLY 25516. This product is out of stock, however you might like these alternatives: Hollis Prism 2 Green DIN Wheel () £ Excl. Sales Tax. Hollis Explorer Rebreather Co2 Sensor ORING 25646. £ Excl. Sales Tax. Hollis Prism 2 Battery Bulkhead Connector (29223) £

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Mar 26, 2013· Anybody take a look at the Cozir sensors yet? They appear to be cheap, lowpower, and able to operate in humidity I think this is what''s being used in the Hollis Explorer. Diving Case Study | VR Sentinel Expedition LSS Samples available here: CO2 Meter Sensors products Brett

Hollis Explorer CO2 Sensor Hollis Explorer Parts ...

The Hollis gaseous CO2 sensor is a vital element of the Explorer CO2 filter monitoring system. Capable of detecting high workloads, problems with the absorbent or even CO2 seal damage, when used properly, it will add another safeguard to the use of your Explorer rebreather and provides a level of confidence never before available.


4© Hollis (2014) 2 SENSOR ! DANGERS ! The CO 2 Sensing Module should NOT be used to determine absorbent duration. It is critical that you have read (section and of the Explorer User Manual, doc. 124102), read this Explorer CO 2 Sensor User Manual, understood, and been trained in its proper use.

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Mar 14, 2019· Außerdem hat die Wartung schon einen Sinn! Ich könnte dir von meinem, der nie eine Wartung hatte, einiges erzählen. Ist aber nicht nötig, weil, wenn du die Wartung gemacht hast, du ein super funktionierendes Gerät hast. Was ich mir für die Sicherheit des SE7EN noch wünschen würde: eine CO2 Überwachung! Gruss Solosigi

Hollis Explorer CO2 Sensor

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Dec 03, 2016· Co2 Sensor stays the same. Co2 sensor remains unchanged and still works very well. Hollis Explorer New data and charging cable[/caption] Improved charging / data cable. The new charging cable now plugs into your normal USB charger, Laptop, USB car charger just like you phone but with a new improved date/charging cable.

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Dec 19, 2016· sensors can lead to serious injury, or even death. CARBON DIOXIDE SENSOR (CO2 SENSOR) 5. The Carbon Dioxide Sensor attaches to the LSS using a Pin Jack (fig 4). 6. To install the CO2 sensor, simply put the sensor into the CO2 sensor plug and push down gently on the sides of the sensor until it seats onto the Pin Jack (fig. 5).

Explorer firmware update USER MANUAL Hollis

Mar 17, 2014· 1. The sensor module must be placed on top of the LSS before attempting a firmware update (). 2. connect the Optocon cable 3. Power on the the Explorer handset. 4. Run the EXPLORER Reprogramming Application from StartAll ProgramsEXPLORER Reprogramming Application or the desktop shortcut (if that option was chosen in the installer). …

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Jan 03, 2014· Hollis Explorer and may create a very unpredictable and dangerous breathing device, possibly lead ... Sensors are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Storage of Oxygen Sensors below 32° F (0°) or above 100° F (° C) can …

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The CO2 sensor is an optional inclusion which adds a level of safety. When present the explorer warns the diver of a potentially fatal situation when carbon dioxide has built up to unacceptable levels indicating an exhausted or compromised scrubber. It also cuts the prebreathe sequence time built into the handset.

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Oct 19, 2021· zum verkauf stehen zwei voll funktionierende Hollis Explorer eSCR Rebreather. Die Geräte wurden Anfang 2016 gekauft und waren seit dem ca. 35 Tauchstunden in use. Optisch sind beide Units einwandfrei. Die Geräte werden ,, ready to dive out the box ´´geliefert. Im Angebot ebenfalls enthalten sind jeweils 3 Sauerstoffsensoren und ein Co2 Sensor.

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Jan 08, 2014· Like the VR Sentinel, the Explorer offers an addon (500) CO2 monitoring package to the base price of 4,450, which includes a gaseous sensor designed to detect CO2 in the breathing loop. Included as standard are a thermal stick, which measures canister duration, a CO2 calculator (based on O2 consumption) and a simple canister timer.

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Some people also argue that by the time a co2sensor is triggered, it''s too late to do anything about it. That to me is complete garbage. Even if I''m 99% screwed, I''d rather have a 1% chance at saving myself through a bailout than a 0% chance. My guess is that ~510 years from now, pretty much every CCR being sold has a co2sensor built in.

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Hollis Explorer Carbon Dioxide Co2 Sensor Unit. Special Price £ Was £ Out of stock. CUSTOMER SERVICES. If you have any queries regarding your purchase, please contact us. Servicing Repairs. We service a range of Shooting and Scuba products along with IDEST cylinder testing.

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Hollis Explorer Carbon Dioxide Co2 Sensor Unit. Rating: . 1 Review. Special Price £ Was £ Customer Services. If you have any queries regarding your purchase, please contact us. Customer Services. Servicing Repairs available on most Regulators, BCD''s, suits and Instrumentation.

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Hollis Diving Harness. Stainless Steel Backplate. Weighted breathing loop. New back counter lungs. O2 and diluent regulators. Shearwater Petrel computer wrist module hard wired to rig. Radial Scrubber Canister. 3x O2 Sensors. 3 color HUD display . Optional Extras: BOV bail out valve (highly recommended) Hollis integrated weight pocketsystem ...